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8:30 AM–3:30 PM


“Living in the Deep End of the Pool of Grace”

The ONE Waupun Annual Conference is an interdenominational retreat for Christian men who desire to grow authentic faith. Together? We will claim hold of what it means to be an image bearer of Christ and how the devil is still working to usurp our identity. 

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(Register by February 10, 2024 to receive a free book written by John Lynch.)

THEME: "Living in the Deep End of the Pool of Grace"

WHO: Men in the Waupun area, all ages

WHERE: Green Lake Conference Center,
Green Lake, Wisconsin



Whether arriving alone or with others, you will find a place here. Between praise and worship, fellowship and small group discussion, your spirit will be renewed and refreshed. Food will be provided over break times, along with buffet lunch at noon. 

Dress is casual. 

Featuring Live Messages from…

John Lynch - Speaker, Author & Former Pastor - Phoenix, AZ
“My heart’s greatest passion is to convince us that grace is more than a polite way of behaving or a self-rewarded pass, but a profound gamble which alone can bring love into the scene.”

Aaron Baart - Chief of Staff & Dean of Chapel, Dordt University - Sioux Center, IA
“Grace is at the heart of the Gospel—what we could not do for ourselves, God has done for us in Christ. However, grace is a lot easier to say than it is to actually live out. So, to take it seriously is to fully comprehend that when Jesus declared, “I have come that you might have life and have it to the full” Jesus was informing us that he is dead serious about our joy (John 10:10).”

Praise & Worship being led by…

Mitchell Olthoff - Worship Pastor, Edgewood Community Church - Waupun, WI
“When our hearts are captured by the grace of God, it oozes out of us into everything we do and say…His grace compels us to worship Him in every aspect of our life!”

This event is FREE for all attendees.  There have been several generous supporters in our community that are covering all the fees associated with this conference.  We simply need you to sign up!


Email or call 920.345.6119


Attending men's conferences has played a vital role in my spiritual journey, starting with the No Regrets Men's Conferences, Promise Keepers, and now with ONE Waupun. Worshiping and engaging with a large group of men committed to following Jesus, can be a life changing experience. ONE Waupuns’ unique conference format provides what I need and is another source of encouragement that helps me persevere in the battle.
Paul Neevel -- ONE Waupun Conference Attendee

In a culture where Sunday morning worship seems to be enough for most, I was spurred on towards more from what I have witnessed and experienced at One Waupun. A wonderful aspect of growing for me is the annual conference. Like departing on a mission trip, I have been spiritually attacked, finding legitimate reasons not to go. But then? I fight back, finding peace and spiritual awakening from the Holy Spirit. An assurance that I needed to be there. I have been blessed to come alongside men going through similar experiences, growing in Christ and fellowship. Every year, I look forward to this time!
Derek Minnema -- ONE Waupun Conference Attendee

Register by February 10, 2024 to receive a free book written by John Lynch (one of our speakers).

To sign up for the 2024 ONE Waupun Annual Conference*, click here to register.  

*Due to generous supporters in our community, this event is FREE for all attendees. To accept this gift, we simply need you to sign up!